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Is a leading industrial company established in 1993

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Al-Takamol are committed to providing the highest quality metalwork, steel structure fabrication, Building and construction Machines, Mechanical Construction and steel pipe spools fabrication & erection services in accordance with the local and international codes and standards. Based in Industry Area – Riyadh, our state-of-the-art Factory offers steel fabrication, metalworking, Ductworks and steel pipe spools fabrication & erection services in Riyadh, and across the whole Kingdom and Gulf countries. Our technicians are highly trained and accredited steel fabricators and fully experienced in all aspects of welding fabrication, cutting, site welding and steel erection, utilizing the latest high-tech manufacturing machinery for the supply, fabrication and installation of multi-purpose steel products. Al-Takamol guarantees that our services meet the quality requirements of our clients, and always meets the requirements of the project.

Our Vision

To be the leading company in the field of heavy industries and the localization of many Building and construction equipment’s for our region with international quality and competitive prices

Our Values

Our belief in our values has made us one of the most trusted industrial and commercial companies in the region


Meet the needs of customers and the Gulf market and achieve their goals and exceed their expectations by providing distinctive and innovative industrial products and services


Allah will be pleased with those who try to do their work in a perfect way

We Provide Best


After-sales service

Our concern is to satisfy our customers by providing special services, and keep producing
Maintenance - spare parts - technical support
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Consulting and studies

We provide free consultancy and engineering studies about concrete products and how they are made, for more information:

Equipment improvement

We improve equipments and automate their work, for more information:

Equioment maintenance

We have fixed and mobile workshops that are run by professional staff, call us, and maintenance team will reach you ASAP


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Riyadh, Sulay Alfawzan industrial, exit 18, Haron Alrashid street

Contact Number: 0533533438

Email: sales@altakamol.org

Sat - Thu: 9am to 6pm